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FlexiData is a web-based solution that uses modern web technologies and is conveniently accessible with a computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere you have an internet connection. We use a rapid development framework in our projects, which provides a significant time and financial advantage over traditional solutions. This allows us to offer very flexible systems at a competitive price.

As FlexiData is web-based, it is easy to set up an extranet feature if needed, which allows your clients and partners to log in to the system and view data or perform allowed actions there.


We have created solutions for companies of various sizes. In smaller companies, the system can cover a large part of the company's functions and therefore large-scale business software (ERP) whose acquisition, implementation and maintenance costs are many times higher than the costs associated with our solution, may not be needed at all.

Our system is capable of covering most of the functions of a small and medium sized organization, i.e. inquiry and order handling, warehouse management, purchasing,  document management, product database with documentation, activity planning, equipment register and maintenance plan, customer complaints and vendor complaints handling, etc.


In larger companies which have ERP-system (enterprise resource planning) in use, our solution is usually to fill the gaps in ERP-software. E.g. there is often no equipment management and maintenance component in the ERP-software, planning is sluggish, no customer complaint handling capability, production and activity planning, etc.


Regardless of the size and profile of your business, our solutions helps to make your operations much more efficient and clear, while also increasing your reputation with your customers and partners.

Most likely many of you are familiar with the situation where searching for information or a document in the maze of computer directories takes up a large part of your working day. If you can finally find what you are looking for, you are not sure if it is the latest valid information or file.

Or, there are dozens of Excel spreadsheets you have no control over anymore. The data is scattered across files and different locations and is not in any way as a whole.

Let's end the mess!



We are auditing current system and processes together with customer and prepare a concept of desired result. Based on the concept development and implementation plan is made.


We create, test and install the system according to development and implementation plan. We will review the solution together with customer and make some fine tuning if needed.


Data is imported from old systems if necessary. System is released to every-day use and trainings sessions are held for key-persons and users.

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