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Sharing information with your employees is one of the key factors in ensuring the success of your company. It is one of the simplest and most effective management tools which requires relatively little resources, but the results are often invaluable.

By nature, human being is curious and hungry for information. Any sharing of company-related information improves the employee's knowledge of what is going on in the company and always gives the employee a degree of satisfaction. Keeping up-to-date with the business and the circumstances of the company gives the employee the confidence that things are under control and that nothing "big" is happening behind his/her back.

In spite of the very good communication environment in the company, employees still often get the presumption that there is important information somewhere that has not been shared with them. Thus, occasionally, it is good to share information on important topics in the style "we are in this situation and there are no new developments at the moment".

In conclusion, sharing of information:

  • Enhances employee motivation - employees feel they are considered important enough to share information with them;
  • Gives employees a confidence that nothing significant is happening behind their backs;
  • Improves performance - motivated and satisfied employees will undoubtedly perform better;
  • Avoids rumors - rumors allow people to make wrong decisions in their work that are not good for the company;
  • Makes people feel part of the organization and thus more loyal.

Considering the above, we have invested heavily in information sharing features when developing FlexiData. Our solutions homepage often includes company strategy and goals, company related articles and news, upcoming meetings and more.

We have also created a number of solutions where information from FlexiData is displayed, e.g. on digital displays in the form of text, tables or graphs located on the office, in the employee’s restroom or in production.

Are the information sharing process and tools in your organization sufficient?

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